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"Sue thoroughly enjoys the student-teacher relationship and finds it to be the most rewarding and often exhilarating aspect of her career.  She is a dynamic and patient teacher with a gift for explaining the abstract concepts and intricacies of dressage using a myriad of descriptions and metaphors.  This approach also enhances Sue's preference to examine the details that build a sound foundation for the horse and rider to work harmoniously together.  She adapts easily to the various students' individual pace and way of learning allowing each combination of horse and rider the freedom to evolve in their own time without undo pressure or expectations.

She has a strong practical foundation in the philosphy, psychology and technical aspects of training and teaching dressage.  Sue has worked with a broad spectrum of horses and riders and has a very clear  and comprehensive understanding of the training steps needed to enable each rider to reach their specific goals.  She feels strongly that if the rider achieves thinking, acting and feeling all at the same time, they can then maximize their learning.

Above all, good horsemanship is always of the highest priority!

These assets, along with her 100% commitment to investing in each individual, enables the best advantage for growth in both the student and the teacher while also contributing to a synergistic and maximized experience."


"Once a mind has been stretched by a new idea, it never returns to its original shape."

                                             ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~


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