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Martha Deasy-Little, FEI competitor, CPA,  Lometa, Texas

"Not being born with a great deal of talent, or having in my possession a great deal of money (when I met Sue the average price I had paid for a horse was $1,400), Sue has guided me and my horses to achieve success beyond what I originally thought was possible. 

When I started working with Sue in 2005, I had been riding for about 40 years, and eventing for almost 20.  I thought I was practicing Dressage with my event horses, but I was mistaken.  I had had my fill of eventing, and wanted to focus on training a horse up through the levels in dressage, (a great way to spend my late 40s, 50s and beyond) and I began to take lessons from Sue who had recently moved to my area. 
Her method was difficult to master, but my horses, none of whom would be considered great movers, were transformed by it.  The difference was “throughness.”  Sue taught me awareness of riding all quadrants of the horse at once.  She is able to tap into an elastic response from a horse, by helping the rider understand that with every gathering, there should be an allowing, with every half halt, a releasing.    We had to go back to walk trot, and retrain my horses and me, but in a couple of years I had my Bronze Medal, then shortly after my Silver Medal, and now I only lack two scores for my Gold Medal. 
Neither I nor my horses knew how to do anything beyond attempts at 2nd level movements when I met Sue, yet with her help I have been able to take my two retired jumpers, and my lovely locally bred horse, to showing 3rd, 4th and Intermediare 1 and all placing at recognized shows and at the USDF Regionals, including Reserve Champion AA at Intermediare 1 for 2012. 
But the shows are just the icing, the times I treasure from what Sue has taught me are the quiet ones when no one is watching, and my horse and I perform a movement with harmony, freedom, and power; it may be a pirouette, or just a walk trot transition, but those are the moments that make all the work worthwhile.  Thank you Sue!"

Krista Kinderman Snyder , Dressage trainer, competitor thru FEI, Tallahassee, Florida



"I really enjoyed riding with you, the technicality was a breath of sunshine- challenging, rewarding- I liken it to creme-brulee' - is how I thought of it- take a bite, savor, relish, take another bite... was right up my alley.  Thank you." 

Nancy Kirkpatrick, Dressage competitor, Florence, Montana

"I have known Sue for 25+ years and am constantly learning something new from her every time we train together.  She has an incredible background and brings many personal training experiences to the table.  Sue possesses an uncanny ability for communicating difficult concepts and breaking them down so that they are understandable.  She challenges me to think out of the box and to bring out the best in my mare.  Best of all, we always manage to laugh and have fun!  Sue is an invaluable partner in my journey to become a FEI rider."

Katarina Campagnola, B.A.'s in Science of Astrology & Jungian Psychology.  Owns Divine Harmony Farm, Gainesville, Florida

"I have had the good fortune to work with Sue Williams for the last two years. Not surprisingly, she has pushed me to significantly improve my riding.  This is to be expected from such an accomplished and capable teacher; however, her training also clarified my understanding of my difficulties and motivations, and thus deepened my self awareness. 

Sue’s depth of knowledge about the art of dressage is vast and her ability to share this knowledge with her students is outstanding and makes her an exceptionally valuable trainer. I have found that my long term advancement is guaranteed by her investment in my progress.  She is a rare combination of a skilled rider and capable teacher.  And I thank her for that!."

Henriette Borst, "Better Yet Equine", trainer in dressage, eventing, hunters & jumpers, Ft. White, Florida

"Riding with Sue is always a real treat!! With her razor sharp eye and wealth of knowledge she has had a tremendous influence on the development of me as a rider and a number of very different horses in various stages of their career as dressage horses. Sue has an amazing understanding of equine athletic development and locomotion and very clear ways of explaining what where how and why. She sure upped my scores!!"


Nona Maiorano, "Dolce Dressage" freelance trainer, competitor and resident instructor at Broad Places Farm, Rehoboth, Massachusetts

I have worked with Sue since June of 1995.  She has the ability herself to ride brilliantly and given the privilege to watch her, one will see her focus and talent in accessing the deep recesses of the horse. It’s fascinating to watch and inspiring.  It also helps those of us who are visual to “see” the best in action and try to emulate it.   The greatest gift of all from Susan is that she can explain what she does in profound detail.  She has a clear grasp of the nuances that make up each level, and actually each step of the horse, literally! I feel she is not only an artist but a scientist in relation to biomechanics.   Sue can see parts of a horse in her minds eye develop. So to include her in your early evaluations for buying a horse is invaluable as well.  She is most accurate at predictability of performance to help you find the best partner for you within your means.  

​If you are seeking a teacher , coach, trainer, and experienced horsewoman of the highest level: a coach who believes in the well being of the horse first and foremost, honest assessments, respectful teaching, and a trainer with character and integrity, I have no reservation in endorsing Susan J. Williams.

Alison Otter,  dressage competitor, Louisville, Kentucky

I am so thankful to have met Sue aka “little squirrel”! She started my dressage education and continues to challenge and expand my understanding of the sport.  As an ex-event rider and current aspiring dressage rider it was not until I met Sue that I truly realized the complexities and micro-science involved in dressage. Sue is not only an amazing rider and teacher but a genuine friend and person.  Sue invests her whole self into her students. I admire the way she provides real honest feedback and pushes me to reach my aspired goals. Sue encourages me to push myself beyond my comfort level and I always leave every lesson feeling challenged and excited about my future dressage education. Sue is an amazing clinician. I have had many friends and family members audit my lessons and they all commented afterwards how much they had learned during the lesson and how animated and exciting Sue’s teaching style was to watch.  Sue is never one who sits and teaches; she is constantly moving, explaining and virtually riding with you every stride.  Sue is a true horsewoman; I know in every lesson my horse and his needs always come first. Her infinite dedication to her students (both horses and riders) and loyalty to the sport prove her to be one of the few true professional s left in our sport. Both my horse Lionus and I are thankful to have Sue in our lives.

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