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Carol Dover, President/CEO of Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association, Tallahassee, FL:


Thank you note from Carol Dover:

  "I really want to thank you for all these years of dedication trying to teach this incredibly difficult sport.  Even though I have not trained with a lot of people, I do feel that I have now trained with enough to know the difference between quality and just those wanting quantity.  You are quality.  You have taught me more than anyone - and no doubt had the most difficult years trying to teach me how to sit the trot....ugh!!!"

Appreciation note from Carol Dover:

"I just wanted to tell you that many times since my injury I have said "everything happens for a reason" of them was to have the privilege of watching you ride again.  Of course, we all love to watch you in the tack, reminding us of the intricate details of the sport.  However, to see what you did today with Duncan was like watching a piece of art being painted.  It gave me chills (as it did everyone watching) to see you dance in harmony.  It is what we all strive for - and we also know how difficult it is to get those 'moments'.  I just wanted to tell you how special it was to witness something that beautiful.  I hope some of your talent and technique rubbed off on to my saddle....ha ha!"


Becca Willner,  Event competitor & trainer, RN @Spalding Regional Hospital, Griffin, Georgia

"Sue has been an invaluable part of both my horses training as well as my own. We met when I was 16 years old, It could not have been an easy task trying get in to the mind of a teenage 3 day event rider but Sue <thankfully!> agreed to accept me as a student. She has molded me into a rider that now truly ENJOYs the dressage phase. She has taught me down to the the micro-level, exciting my mind, and engaging my desire to continually improve. Words can not express how crucial she is to my riding program, Sue is first my coach but more importantly a wonderful friend.    Forever grateful-"


"Sue has a great way of breaking things down so understanding takes place for both rider and horse. In her way of “managing molecules” she has helped me understand the subtle, underlying issues that needed to be addressed to expedite my progress. Sue really cares about her students progress and works with them toward their goals. I appreciate that while Sue knows what it takes to become a competitive rider, she is willing to whole heartedly work with those who’s aim is not to compete but continue on the path of quality learning. Sue is considerate of the horses needs and is always working to create a harmonious and beautiful connection between horse and rider."

Lisa WaltersFounder & Director EquuSatori Center, Sebastopol, CA


  Author of "In the Field with Horses"

"Sue Williams is an outstanding dressage instructor, trainer and mentor.  I have invited her to be a trainer at The Children of Americas Dressage Invitational (CADI) for several years.  CADI is an international competition for children ages 12-14 who represent their countries from the Americas.  (Examples of countries that have participated in the past are: Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, Bermuda, Canada, etc.…).    It is a unique competition in that each rider is assigned to a CADI trainer for the four days of the experience.  The first two days the competitors get lessons from their trainers, and the second two days they are coached by those trainers in the competition. 

I ask Sue to be a trainer for CADI each year because she is the rare trainer who combines a great depth of knowledge about horses in general, an understanding for the art within the sport of dressage, an ability to articulate what she knows clearly, and a sensitivity to the individual needs of her students.  In fact, when my daughter was one of the CADI competitors I was thrilled that Sue was her trainer.   Sue has had a profound impact on the children she has worked with.  Each child she has worked with has spoken about how important Sue has been to him or her not only as a teacher, but as a mentor through challenging experiences with both horses and humans. 
More, despite Sue’s vast knowledge and huge accomplishments as a trainer, rider and teacher, she is an honest and unassuming individualwith a wonderful sense of humor about herself, and the world around her."

​Jane Karol,  Psy. D.    Jane is the owner and trainer of Bear Spot Farm in Concord, Massachusetts.  She trains, competes and teaches dressage from Training Level to Grand Prix.  In addition, she is the founder and psychotherapist for The Bear Spot Foundation for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  The Bear Spot Foundation treats children ages 5-18 as well as adults, in a unique psychotherapeutic model that uses a therapeutic horse as a co-therapist. 

​Tina Kydd-Felciano ​dressage instructor, trainer, competitor & professional dog trainer.  Santa Rosa, CA

Sue Williams has been a wealth of knowledge and mentor in my life for over 3 decades. She was a formative influence in my developing ideology of training and instructing.

Sue inspires me with her engaging and enthusiastic approach to life and horsemanship!  Her ability to explain and demystify the nuances of dressage and push you to explore past your own perceived boundaries and limits is truly a gift!

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