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Sue started riding in Rehoboth, MA when 10 years old.  She competed lightly in hunter shows until she started working as hot walker, groom, pony girl and exercise girl on Thoroughbred race tracks in New England and Florida.  Sue was introduced to Bruce Davidson in 1973 who was based on his parents farm in Westport, MA.  She had never heard of eventing before and became very motivated to learn all she could, so immersed herself in training with Bruce.  She competed through a full 3-day Preliminary Event.  Feeling that this was the highest level in eventing that she was brave enough to do,  she became interested in focusing on dressage only.

Sue then studied with Michael Poulin, frequently traveling with her horses up to Michael's training facility in Maine from her farm in South Dartmouth, MA.  Michael then introduced her to Alex Konyot, who became a huge influence in adding to Sue's perspective of dressage:  the priority and insights of horsemanship!  With Alex's help, Sue was able to train her first horse, a thoroughbred off the track, to do all of the Grand Prix movements.  Alex also helped oversee the training of her second GP horse "Empresario", originally trained for the circus by a good friend of Alex's, Rocky Romani.  From Alex, Sue went on to train with Gunnar Ostergaard for 6 years.  In that time, she brought her third horse "Paganini" to the Grand Prix.  Next, with the help of Betsy Steiner and then intense study with Oded Shimoni, Sue finished her 4th Grand Prix horse "Troubadour".  For her last Grand Prix horse "Diamond Point", Sue continued to train with Oded, then Volker Brommen and Kenneth Dyrby.

Some of the most influential clinicians that Sue worked with:  Nuno and Joao Oliviera, Louise Nathurst (Swedish Olympian), Edgar Hotz (for judging), Tina Konyot and David Pincus.

Other aspects of Sue's career include organizing dressage schooling shows for charity, clinics and a very creative and renowned annual Halloween benefit Hunter Pace.  Sue was an 'R' rated judge and rode as a demonstration rider for National and International judging forums as well as a Grand Prix exhibition for a "Legislator's spouses luncheon" held in Tallahssee, FL at Carol & Walt Dover's Eagle Hill Farm.  Sue also competed in and was later honored to be asked to be chef d'equipe and coach for NEDA's 1st - 3rd level teams sent to the USET grounds in Gladstone, NJ hosted by the ESDCTA, winning top honors for three years.

One of Sue's creative specialties was choreography and exhibiting in both the dramatic period costume rides set to music as well as the comedic, most often held at Castle Hill in Ipswich, MA.

Sue has written many articles published in national magazines and newspapers.

Her current focus is in teaching and coaching, is based in Sarasota, Florida and loves to freelance at surrounding farms.  She also conducts many clinics across the country including regular clinics in Florida, Texas, California & New England.  Sue tries to do as much volnteering as her schedule allows.  Recent volunteer highlights are coaching teams at the annual CADI competition held at Bear Spot Farm in Concord, MA.

                                      "I am in a constant state of redefining my journey."
                                                                ~  Sue Williams  ~      
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